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Armidale and District Amateur Radio Club

(Incorporated in NSW – INC1400256)

18 Mann St, Armidale, NSW 2350, Australia

Annual General Meeting 16th September 2017


Welcome:- Introductions – Meeting  Attendance Form

Apologies:-  Norm VK2TOP, Dave VK2RP, Dean VK2DJD, Steve VK2SL, Maurie VK2MOZ, Gordon VK2UB

Minutes:- From Previous AGM.

Presidents Report:- Business Arising  

Treasurers Report:-Business Arising  

Secretary’s Report:-Outwards – Inwards - Business Arising  

General Business:-

1.    Repeater Site Rent Increase

2.    J.O.T.A

3.    Applications Grants and Funding

4.    Repeater Linking Symposium – Coordinator

5.    Oxley Wild Rivers National Park Activation

6.    Christmas Party –

7.    Any other General Business from the Floor.

8.    Election of Office Bearers & Committee.

9.    Close Meeting & Adjourn for Lunch.

Welcome to all by President 2016-17, Rick Rodgers

Attendance register: Rick Rodgers, Richard Katsch, Brian Peasley, Peter Seifert, Les Olroyd, Kerry Black, Sharon Black, Wayne Memphis, Russell Knox

Apologies: Megan Katsch, Jon Jaeschke, Norm Partridge, Dave Ritchings, Dean Davidson, Steve Lisle, Maurie Clarke-Pearce, Ken Michell

Presentation of Minutes

Minutes of the 2016 AGM was tabled by the Secretary. The report was accepted by Rick Rodgers and seconded by Russell Knox.

Presidents Report 16/09/17

Now well into its fourth year, our club continues to prosper with an enthusiastic membership of 26. Since our last AGM, we have welcomed 3 new members to the club. They are Russ VK2FDPI new to Armidale, Jon VK2FACX from Boomi and Mike VK2XW from Glen Innes.

Mike has recently done a lot of work on reinstating the Glen Innes repeater at Mt Rumbee and this has given the region a much need resource.

At our last AGM, club members Kerry & Sharon Black presented us with a brand new Yaesu DR-1X multi mode Digital & FM repeater. As our existing 2m repeater was giving trouble, this new equipment was very welcome and was soon installed at the site and our 2m coverage and reliability vastly improved in that instant. A VERY BIG thank you to Kerry & Sharon…..

I applied for and was successful in receiving a $1000 grant from the Armidale Regional Council under their half yearly Community Small Grants Scheme. This funding enabled the club to purchase a second Yaesu DR-1X repeater and this equipment was installed at the site and is now operating on 70cm.

On the subject of Grants, I also put in an application for funding from the Greater Bank Community Grants and was successful in securing a $3,000.00 grant which is now in the bank and will be useful for further improvements to our digital communications coverage.

With a very comprehensive equipment register and a healthy bank balance, our club is certainly something to be proud of.

ADARC members assisted the Armidale Boy Scouts with Jamboree on The Air again last year and a good time was had by all. Scout leader Mark Shepheard was very appreciative of the time that members put in to make the event possible. Mark also asked about becoming a licensed ham himself. Mark mentioned that a camp out might be a good idea for this year.

Our Sausage Roll Saturday is held every Saturday and has become very popular for local hams to come together for a social chat and catch up with the latest happenings at the club. Our weekly club net has operated successfully every Sunday night and these can quite often go for an hour and a half with many topics discussed and ideas passed around and added to. The nets really do add to our knowledge base and can bring about further experimentation by members.

In conclusion, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the entire membership for their support and involvement in growing our club and helping to take it forward to new successes in the coming years.

President’s Report accepted by Rick Rodgers and seconded by Russell Knox

Treasurers Report

The Treasurer, Dean Davidson was not able to attend the AGM but was able to provide the Club with the appropriate financial information as well as a brief summary,
The statements are attached. The President noted that the financial year had started with a bank balance of $2693.22 and concluded with a bank balance of 5846.31 – mainly due to the receipt of grants totalling $4000.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by Brian Peasley and seconded by Richard.

Secretary’s Report

The Secretary noted that the majority of correspondence is from the landlord ie Armidale Regional Council (rent invoices) and ACMA.

He mentioned of changes to NSW Fair Trading with reference to disposal of club assets and makeup of committees/quorums. The documentation has been made available to members.

The Secretary’s Report was accepted by Richard Katsch and seconded by Rick Rodgers

General Business

Repeater Site Rental – the club has been advised of a rental increase of $100 pa of our repeater site on South Hill. This brings our annual cost to $400. The increase has been justified by increased electricity costs and improved air conditioned facilities at the site.

JOTA – no word has been received from the Scout or Guide groups in Armidale in relation to hosting JOTA again this year.

Grants – The club received grants of $1000 from Armidale Regional Council and $3000 from the Greater Bank. Efforts will be made to secure more grants during the coming year.

Relocating – RFS are moving from their current premises adjacent to ADARC premises in about 12 months time (at least). Advice is that their tower will remain along with some equipment. Whether we can assume these assets is not known. We have been advised that a training room is available for our get togethers and it is air conditioned.

SOTA – Steve Lisle has suggested that Oxley Rivers National Park could be activated as part of a Club outing/barbecue. This will be considered in the near future.

Repeater Link – James Goodwin and Norm Partridge have been instrumental in reactivating the Walcha repeater. James has proposed that the various repeaters in the north and north west be linked. Rick Rodgers proposed a symposium asap with the affected clubs to start the process.

Excess Equipment – Brian Peasley raised concerns about the storeroom cluttered with non amateur equipment and unserviceable amateur equipment. Rick Rodgers said he and Dave Ritchings  will assess the situation shortly.

Election of Committee Members

Elections were held and the results were:

President – Rick Rodgers

Vice President – Richard Katsch

Treasurer – Dean Davidson

Secretary – Brian Peasley

Julie Rodgers – Membership

Education & Training – Wayne Memphis

Technical Officer/Repeater Coordinator – James Goodwin

Technical Coordinator – Dave Ritchings

Repeater Link Coordinator – Norm Partridge

The meeting closed at 12.10pm and adjourned for lunch.