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April 5th was a big working bee day for our club. One "Bee" did 99% of the work though and what a great job. James VK2KHJ ran up the repeater tower and installed a folded dipole antenna and hooked up the feed line to our 70cm repeater. SO.... yes, our 70cm repeater is now on air on 438.650.

As if that wasn't enough work for one day, James raced up the big tower at the club house and fitted a standoff with a pulley and lanyard do we can pull up an inverted V Antenna. This will be a 160 metre antenna fed with 450 ohm ladder line to a coupler so it will be able to be toooned on all HF Bands.

James raced up the repeater tower like there was a grizzly bear down here......... there's no bears there??

See that little thing up there on the right..... that's it for 70cms

These security lights really are a pain to get past

James fitting the standoff

Standoff in place at the club house. That will be the feed point of the 160m inverted V

Well, I guess this is where it goes.